Graphic Novel to Eco Writing

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

For my Emerging Writing Specialisms story I originally wanted to create a graphic novel. Our first lesson with Jen opened my eyes to the symbolism of colour and placement. There can be a hundred hidden messages behind one image. I loved the possibility of putting meaning to everything, but my issue surfaced when I realised, I had too many ideas for images and not enough ideas for a story.

After many attempts, I decided I needed to change my original plan completely.

We had a lecture with Brett Sanders where he spoke about Extinction Rebellion and the world of Eco Writing. It really inspired me, so much so that I chose Eco as my submission specialism.

When I had finished writing the story, The Girl With Spiders for Hands, my tutor suggested adding in an image, to make it easier to visualise the characters hands. This made me think back to my original graphic novel idea. A full-circle moment made me decide to put various images throughout the story as a homage to the graphic novel. I feel like they really add to the world I was creating and they're all there with a purpose.

My plan is to continue writing the story as a set of shorts. The pictures around the edge will be refined to suggest a different tale, preferably a comedic one. In our next semester, when we work on adding humour to images, I'd love to find a way of incorporating it into this series.

Here are a few images I ended up creating for the story...

Thanks so much for reading,

Alexandria Allison


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