An Opening Poem


At the bottom of the Ocean, amongst oysters and glistening pearls,

By the den of the killer sharks, the dead bodies of many float by.

Above cemetery waters, banana leaves sway in scorching heat,

Arms swim from above to below, jewelled amber in the blackened sky.

A beautiful contradiction, memories that haunt turn addictive,

Looking for a place to call home, the loving man will swim till late noon.

Searching, searching, searching the seas, stomach-churning and eyes stinging red,

The answers to life are missing; from the sun, sparkling stars, to the moon.

He swims far because he needs to, he dives down deep to grasp the fruit,

Poverty prevents his one hope, a dream his father instilled in him.

He longs to sail the seven seas and wear love as if it were armour.

To feel the rough winds through his hair, hear the oceans songs, just like a hymn.

There are others like him, who brave the swim to collect their trade,

If they should survive the mission, to the black market they will visit.

The delicacy they will sell, within the city of tight pockets,

Where authorities are on guard, for delicacies they prohibit.

Thanks for reading,

Alex Allison


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