Coming Up With An Idea


I originally really struggled to come up with an idea for my eco writing. I didn't want to write for the sake of writing. When it comes to creating stories, I have to fall in love with both the world and the character's within it, otherwise, I find it difficult to connect to the piece.

Before having a tutorial, I was stuck between two ideas. A dystopian future and a story about a girl who finds a botanical world inside a greenhouse. I chose neither. The dystopian future story got stereotypical very quickly and the botanical world felt too much like Alice in Wonderland.

I figured I'd wait for inspiration to hit me, rather than trying to force an idea. This route came with a sprinkle of anxiety for the countdown to the deadline was disappearing quickly. The inspiration for The Girl With Spiders for Hands came finally when I was driving to work. A spider appeared out of the corner of my eye, dangling by my sun-visor. I'm not a massive fan of spiders, but this one was so small. Despite its tiny size, I didn't have the guts to remove it, so now it lives in my car and I've named it Benjamin. It also made me think, what would the world be like without spiders? I know a lot of people who will kill spiders rather than picking them up and putting them outside.

After a lot of research, I found out that spiders are extremely important to our ecosystem. Without them, we'd become overpopulated with insects and our crops would disappear very quickly. I developed on this, creating a world where spiders become an endangered species. An idea was born.

From this experience, I've learned to trust the process. Ideas will come eventually.

Inspiration can be found in the most unlikely places,

Thanks so much for reading,

Alexandria Allison


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