Creating A Graphic Novel

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

The Graphic Novel was something I'd never considered before starting my MA. I wasn't a comic book kind of girl, or so I thought...

Image from: Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art by Scott McCloud

After one session, I'm completely hooked! I can't stop drawing. I've tumbled down a rabbit-hole of facial expressions, image angles, colours, and hidden messages.

My brain is buzzing with the question, 'How can I make this idea clear to the reader with images and/or text?'

During today's session, we were instructed to draw ourselves as avatars in different forms; A vehicle, a plant, a building and, an animal.

I chose The Coca Cola truck for my vehicle because I relate to its glitzy extra-ness. My plant was a Sunflower because they're my favourite. My building was the Empire State because what's more musical theatre than that? And my animal of choice was a Bushbaby because their eyes, like mine, take up the majority of their face.

Two weeks from today, I'm to develop one of my avatars into a short story based on a week in my life.

So, here's the beginning of my first Graphic novel:

The avatar I've chosen is 'The Plant'...

When I started planning my week, I became aware of how much I use/rely on social media, emails, technology in general. My world, especially at the moment, due to the pandemic, revolves around the internet.

With my avatar being a Sunflower, this sparked a very interesting contrast.

I'm so excited to continue developing this idea and will be posting updates as it develops.

Thank you so much for reading!

Alexandria Allison


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