Finding A Golden Ticket

In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, it is by sheer luck (or destiny) that Charlie is able to find a golden ticket. He searches, hopes and dreams and prays, in the same way, that writers do for a good story idea.

There's nothing more frustrating than when you open that chocolate bar to find the golden ticket isn't there, but like Charlie, the ticket might just appear when you least expect it. Now, if you haven't read or watched the Roald Dahl classic I'm talking about, you'll probably have no idea what I'm getting at.

The point is, when it comes to finding ideas for stories, there's no full-proof method. You might think an idea is amazing but when you come to write it, it feels impossible to start or finish.

I'm finding more and more recently that my ideas seem to appear out of thin air.

I've found that all I need to keep the story going is strong characters and a great understanding of the world that they live in. Then, I think about putting those characters into an interesting situation. As people, we are influenced by circumstances and the world around us. Every person has a different experience through said circumstances because everyone is different.

For example, take the recent pandemic... If we were to write a fantasy, we could create a world similar to our own, but heighten the peace and tranquillity in the beginning, talk about the wonders of the world, the beauty, maybe add in some dragons or pixies. Then, a deadly disease hits and everything turns dark. Add in characters who are polar opposites, a rebellious teen, a senior citizen who's managed to avoid the disease, a scientist who is put under pressure to find a cure and a leader who is trying to keep the world from dying but will inevitably be blamed for every decision made. These characters can have unique qualities and backstories. Why is the senior citizen immune? Why is the teen rebellious? Does the scientist know what they're doing? Etc.

It's a method I'm still playing around with. If it helps you in any way I'd love to know your thoughts,

Thanks so much for reading,

Alex Allison


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