A Sample of Horror

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Based on: "There were worse things than crucifixion, there were teeth."

My eyes were open, but I couldn't see.

Ropes around my wrists. I tugged, they tightened. Blood, sticky, everywhere. I could feel everything and nothing... I shivered, I think? My sweat was cold, but my skin felt uncomfortably warm and though sight I had not, the whispers at my neck...

I didn't know how many there were, for when they attacked they did so together, biting at my skin with a hunger that made me retch against the fabric covering my mouth.

The teeth weren't flat. They were sharp like needles or fangs as if they'd been filed to a point. They pierced my veins similar to the way I bit holes into drinking straws as a child, only these creatures, they seemed to scrape rather than slurp, pulling at strings of my flesh.

I longed for the crucifixion to bleed me into unconsciousness. I'd been so close to death, so so many times but they always stopped feeding just before that mercy came.

I imagined a scream as they hooked me up to the machine... the machine that mocked me. The machine I had turned off for my partner so many moons ago.

Spooky dreams!

Alexandria Allison


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