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How to Help Animals During Lockdown

Updated: May 21

Here is a post dedicated to how we can help animals whilst we're stuck in lockdown. Along with donating to shelters, there are a variety of ways we can help all kinds of animals over the lockdown period.

Remove the Mask Straps | SEPTEMBER 28, 2020

As explained in the video, small animals are getting trapped in our PPE face coverings.

To make sure birds and other creatures are safe, we need to rip off the white mask straps. This prevents any animal legs from getting tied up in them. Always also make sure that you're putting your mask in a covered bin to prevent animals from getting hold of them.

National Walking Month | May 2021

To help raise funds for homeless dogs, Take the Lead Together have created a Virtual European Holiday, where their goal is to reach 6,000 miles in 31 days during National Walking Month. It's a wonderful way to get your daily exercises and steps in, whilst helping a fabulous charity.

Sign up and get walking to help this amazing cause. Birmingham Dogs Home have so many different ways you can help homeless dogs, just check out their website.

Dogs Are For Life, Not Just For Lockdown | May 2021

Many have purchased dogs whilst in lockdown and many have begun to abandon them now that restrictions are lifting. The RSPCA recently released this article: Meet The Unwanted Lockdown Puppies - RSPCA and are welcoming a new Action Plan for Animal Welfare with the UK Government, using the hashtag #ActNowForAnimals.

Donations to the RSPCA help rehouse and care for abandoned animals, from cats to dogs, budgies and badgers, etc.

I'm going to be updating this post as new advice comes forward. The more animals we can help, the better, especially during these times.

~ "The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man." Charles Darwin.

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