The Clothing That Inspired Glasspell

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Without giving too much of the story away, I've created this mood-board of images. The clothing styles throughout Glasspell are varied in many ways, but the main theme is that they are all extremely old. The characters had been dead for hundreds of years before the Saints resurrect them. They all come from different eras, some have lived longer than others.

Avangeline is described as looking 'more regal than she truly is.' I write about ruffs and a heavy dress made of nonflammable material. My main inspiration came from renaissance portraits and armoury. She has to have a sense of holiness about herself, being the main protagonist. Since Avangeline sees herself as above everyone else the extravagance of her wardrobe has to match her personality.

Her outfits look lavish with items such as pearls, a cloak, and in future chapters, Avangeline also wears feather fascinators made from her companions shedding.

I chose this style for Avangeline as it fits in with the religious themes throughout and it suits her uptight, snooty nature.

Jackary's style is very different to Avangeline's. I imagine him to be younger and much more open in gestures. He bounces through space, whilst Avangeline glides. Jackary is described as wearing a 'sailors uniform from times of old' with a white cap and questionably earned medals.

He proves to be a loyal character, kind, yet easily manipulated. His style is a hint at what will happen in the second follow up novel.

I hope you enjoyed this little insight into my future novel and I can't wait to keep sharing bits as it keeps developing,

Alexandria Allison


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